The Fifth Column Interprets the Slaughter in Gyumri


Gyumri has become one of the region’s hot spots after the “safarov” slaughter that took place in the city. Of course, the overall culpability of the case is shared between the commandants of the 102nd military base situated in Gyumri together with the murderer–if there hadn’t been the atmosphere of impunity within the base, the tragedy of Gyumri would have never happened.

Thus, even a person with the lowest possible level of knowledge can obviously state that the responsibility for the tragedy is co-shared with the Kremlin administration.

We like it or not, the reality is this and though the conspiracy theory lovers, the disguised and obvious representatives of the Russian Fifth column in the Republic of Armenia try hard to clean Kremlin name from blood will obtain diametrically opposite result in this situation. The latter try to do their best to “prove” the society that “such murders know no nationality”, “there is no need to politicize the current situation” and so on.

In fact, a representative of any nationality, who is capable of committing such a crime, is a universal miscreant, but, excuse me, who said that by mentioning the ethnicity of the miscreant his characteristic image is applied to the whole Russian people. Actually, there have always been many distinguished people among Russians, but that doesn’t mean that putin’s regime stops from being the main threat to the modern world. So, by saying that the major culprit of this tragedy is the Russians, people objectively indicate the criminal nature of putin’s regime and one of the coherent consequences of this is the current situation developed in the Russian 102nd military base.

Some of the representatives of the Fifth column continuously accentuate on “not politicizing” the situation. But, wait, what caused such an inhuman crime? What causes the Russian soldiers feel like they are serving in their colony, or what gives the Russian ambassador in Armenia the right to interfere in the inner political affairs of Armenia, or what gives the Russian contemptible political analysts, as well as defenders of putin aggression ground to totally coordinate the Armenian political field (beginning from the governmental forces to “political non-governmental” forces)? What resulted in the unleashed slaughter carried out by the Russian soldiers (who were intoxicated) of the same 102nd base in 1999 in Gyumri?

Isn’t it the result of politics or/and isn’t it a political matter? The tragedy happened in Gyumri is unambiguously the result of the policy run by the Russian government and, like it or not, it is of political nature.

So, all those “analysts” and “political scientists”, Facebook status-writers, representatives of “political” forces who speak about the situation in Gyumri from the perspectives of the above mentioned rhetoric are at least engaged in intellectual masturbation.

By the way, the number of the representatives of the Fifth column in Armenia is quite large and among them we can find many of the political and civic sector representatives.

It’s quite easy to discover the representatives of the Fifth column-all we need is to find representatives of political forces among the people of Gyumri or read their statements and comments published in mass media.

All the statements done by the main political forces are almost identical with the “condolences statement” released by the Russian ambassador Volynkin. With the exception of “Heritage” and “Free Democrats” political parties, no other political force ever touched upon the issue of handing the murderer over to Armenia’s law-enforcement authorities in its statement.

The issue of the Russian “safarov” being tried for murder and faced his punishment by the laws of the Republic of Armenia and within Armenia is of vital importance for all of us and uppermost for the international reputation of Armenia. So, the above mentioned demand is of upmost importance from the perspectives of future development and national dignity of our country.

I’m sure that the Russian party will do its best not to hand the torturer over to the Armenian law-enforcement authorities, but it’s quite important to make that demand at official level.

Yesterday, the people of Gyumri introduced this very demand to the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Armenia who in his turn promised to send an official letter with the demand to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation.

Here is another prominent fact-yesterday, General Prosecutor Gevorg Kostanyan and two of Members of National Assembly Zaruhi Postanjyan and Martun Grigoryan are negotiating with the demonstrators in Gyumri face to face, and patriotic forces guided by the principle of any time being “by the people and for the people” and “Democracy-praising” forces might be consulting with the andranik-nikokhosyan-like, smbat-karaghanyan-like and volynkin-like figures. Further judgments are left to the reader.

Civil manifestations following the slaughter in Gyumri are subject to much deeper analysis. Surely, those explorations can end up having quite positive results and trying to touch upon them right now is simply nonsense. Still, there’s an obvious and joyous fact-the Armenian population gradually begins to realize the posed threats of Russian filthy presence and there’s a need to modify all this into sovereignty in the framework of building a modern and self-sufficient state.

P.S.: Moscow’s “political” forces, which are like “obsolete tools”, together with their satellites will sooner or later be forced to cede to the citizens who realize the importance of having a sovereign state and who work for the sake of the Republic of Armenia. Indeed, the presence of these citizens guarantees the establishment of democratic and developing Armenia.

Narek Samsonyan