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“Civil Consciousness” Liberal NGO was established in 2012. It shares liberal principles and is aimed at stimulating and developing democracy in the Republic of Armenia. The need to promote and develop civil consciousness in the Republic of Armenia contributed to the establishment of the NGO.

The NGO sees the only way to alter the current situation in the RA in the implementation of the civil consciousness evoked in the context of liberal ideology and it functions within the framework of the latter.

The first large-scale students’ movement raised in Armenia in 2012 in the months of April-May, particularly, accelerated the official registration of the organization. After the end of the movement the youth consolidation formed during the students’ movement served its whole potential for the implementation of the aims of the organization.

The main goal of the organization is to introduce and protect the rights and interests of the youth as well as students. The stimulation to the solution of the problems concerning public, socioeconomic and spiritual-cultural activities in accordance with the law, the enlargement and development of the legal and civil consciousness among the youth, including the protection of human rights, press and speech liberty remain the primary problems of the organization.

The ways to resolve the main problems of the organization are the introduction of the laws meeting the contemporary criteria of democracy, the implementation of politics-oriented programs through classes and seminars, publication activities (as well as the translation of worldwide valuable works), researches, analysis and public events.

During the years of its existence the NGO has conducted a number of events that emanated from the goals and objectives of the organization. During almost 4 years the ”CC” Liberal NGO has cooperated with a number of local and international organizations, foundations and civil initiatives. “Civil Consciousness” Liberal NGO has tight partnership with the National Democratic Institution’s office in Armenia funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID NDI). In particular, the most active members of the organization took part in annual women and young leaders’ schools held by “NDI”.

During the years of organization’s existence “CC” Liberal NGO members have been actively participating in all civic movements and initiatives launched in Armenia coming up with their own vision of solving the existing problems by simply introducing sequence of measures necessary for implementation of the objectives of those movements and initiatives.

The NGO periodically organized meetings with the coordinators of different civic initiatives and movements launched in Armenia in the framework of which “CC” Liberal NGO provided the participants with vocational counseling.    

The NGO members particularly participated in “100 Dram” movement against raising public transport fare, as well as in demonstrations organized on the occasion of the official visit President of the Russian Federation paid on December 2, 2013, in protests against Armenia’s joining the Customs Union took place in the same year being involved in the coordinating board of “Dignified Homeland” initiative. NGO members also participated in civic demonstrations organized against recent hikes in gas tariffs then in electricity tariffs. The latter lasted from 2014 to 2015.

The main goal of all civic demonstrations over the above mentioned issues was the need to preserve the sovereignty of the Republic of Armenia as well as raising awareness about Russian illegalities and forestalling.

“Civil Consciousness” Liberal NGO also initiated a series of political consultations to provide meetings with politicians and active public figures who share the NGO’s ideas.

The NGO has organized a number of seminars, meeting-discussions and training aiming at contributing to raising civil consciousness among the citizens of the Republic of Armenia.

Since the day of its foundation the NGO has been tightly cooperating with various organizations in Armenia and abroad, particularly with those that share European values and are liberal in their views. The organization carried out several events with a liberal organization from Turkey called “3H Movement” NGO. The NGO has been also cooperating with the “Albert Einstein Institution” working in the USA. As a result, for the first time the NGO members took up translating into Armenian the famous book “From Dictatorship to Democracy” by Professor Gene Sharp. The book has been translated into more than 45 languages and from now on it is available in Armenian.